Wolver-Bent Rider Directory


Thinking about buying a specific recumbent model, yet still have some questions about that you need answered, from someone who has owned that model? Below you will find a directory of owners, arranged by recumbent type. Please feel free to contact them with any questions you may have (owners have volunteered to help answer questions). Also note that the year the bike was manufactured is after some entries, i.e. Haluzak (01) indicates a 2001 model.


Also, if you are a recumbent owner, don’t mind having people contact you about your brand of bike, and would like to be added to the list below, send an e-mail to wolverbob@gmail.com to be added to the list.


Rider Directory – Updated June 2013


ActionBent Tidal Wave         Tom Thompson - toomanybikes@comcast.net 


Bacchetta Giro 20     Don Rose - drose55@gmail.com

Bacchetta Giro           Dale Brokaw - dbrokaw12@comcast.net

Bacchetta Corsa 700   Don Rose - drose55@gmail.com

Bacchetta Corsa 24    Joe McCormick - joemccr@aol.com

BikeE AT                     Bob Krzewinski – wolverbob@gmail.com


Catrike Expediton     Greg Barrier - gregiery@comcast.net

Catrike Road             Don Rose - drose55@gmail.com

Catrike Road             Joe McCormick - joemccr@aol.com

Catrike Musashi        Don Rose - drose55@gmail.com


Easy Racers Fold Rush    Joe McCormick - joemccr@aol.com 


Greenspeeed GTR       Tom Thompson - toomanybikes@comcast.net 


Haluzak Leprechaun     Tom Thompson - toomanybikes@comcast.net 


ICE Q trike     Joe McCormick - joemccr@aol.com


Lightning P-38          Bob Krzewinski – wolverbob@gmail.com

Lightning P-38           Art Anderson - fastartie@hotmail.com

Lightning Stealth      Tom Thompson - toomanybikes@comcast.net 

Lighting F40              Bob Krzewinski – wolverbob@gmail.com


M5 Carbon Highracer   John Foltz - john.foltz@usa.net 


Optima BaronJohn Foltz - john.foltz@usa.net 


RANS Rocket         Bob Krzewinski – wolverbob@gmail.com

RANS Stratus         James Bante - mrbantesir@comcast.net

RANS Stratus         Rod Ownen - rod.owen@clinton.k12.mi.us

RANS Stratus (1998)           Joe Binder - jrbbike@yahoo.com

RANS Stratus XP    Mitch Fleischer - mxfleischer@comcast.net

RANS F5                 Bob Krzewinski -  wolverbob@gmail.com    (2008 mono-tube)

RANS V2                 Percy Duncan - w8vpd@aol.com

RANS V-Rex            Dale Brokaw - dbrokaw12@comcast.net

RANS V-Rex 24"      John Foltz - john.foltz@usa.net 

Ryan Duplex (tandem) Bob Krzewinski - wolverbob@gmail.com 

Ryan Vanguard       Bob Krzewinski - wolverbob@gmail.com 


Sun EZ Cruiser        Rod Owen - rod.owen@clinton.k12.mi.us

Sun EZ-1                Joe Binder - jrbbike@yahoo.com

TerraTrike                Tom Thompson - toomanybikes@comcast.net

Tour Easy                Tom Thompson - toomanybikes@comcast.net 

Tour Easy                 Dan Clark -  dan@dcdetec.com (homebuilt clone) 


Velokraft NoCom       John Foltz - john.foltz@usa.net 

Vison R55                 Joe McCormick - joemccr@aol.com